Photoshelter announces upgrades

Great news from Photoshelter this week. They announced an upcoming site upgrade for June 10, 2010 with excellent new features.

  • Simplified website setup, customization, and management
  • Structural changes to help search engines find more of your images
  • Shorter URL structure that places your branding ahead of PhotoShelter
  • Simpler image gallery management with a streamlined user interface

In particular the changes to support search engines are long awaited. This should solve the current issues with mixing your brand domain name with the photoshelter urls to your galleries. Allowing you to build your brand more effectively.

And even with the Photoshelter basic and starter accounts your brand will now lead ahead of Photoshelter. Up to now these accounts used photoshelter branded pages for displaying your photos and galleries.  From June 10 they will get a single customizable photography website based on a new theme. Providing you with a complete standalone photography website perfectly suited to grow your business, outfitted with all of PhotoShelter's powerful tools for marketing, e-commerce, and client management.



Why would you want to use Photoshelter?

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Werther you are an aspiring amateur, like me, or a full seasoned professional photographer you'll need need a website to showcase your work potential clients. But to create a successful business you need more. I client must be able to search your full archive, make purchases, download hi-res images instantly when purchased. Photoshelter offers all this and more.

Photoshelter is an online image archive allowing you to store your hi-res photos. Empowering you with a remote backup of your image archive that is accessible through a customizable website for your clients. You can manage your archive, create galleries, caption and keyword your photos online. Although I do recommend to caption and keyword before uploading.

Photoshelter surveyed hundreds of photo editors, image buyers, and designers worldwide to understand what they demand in a photography website. The provided website themes and features are based on their needs. Providing you with website that is appreciated by these editors and image buyers.

All PhotoShelter websites are fully e-commerce enabled - sell prints, products, Royalty Free, Rights Managed and Personal Use licenses directly through your website. You can choose between three professional print labs that can automatically fulfill any print and product orders - you set the prices, they print and ship. If you need more control? Self-fulfill any product you want to ensure that your prints and products meet your stringent quality controls

Want to know more? Take the Photoshelter tour and learn all about what Photoshelter offers.

If you want to try photoshelter yourself make sure to use this referral code PA5KA7KG3P it gives you a nice discount when you sign up.



# Aditya 2010-07-20 11:42
Looks like this photoshelter promo code is no longer valid. Try using DELETED instead.
# Paul Kamphuis 2010-07-20 13:24
nice try Aditya. promo code is valid. Since it is mine and not yours.


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